Foundation Projects

The primary mode in which we as the Foundation support our vision is to support each other and the projects we do to move that vision forward.  The following projects are the main projects that are dealt with by the Foundation at large but it is by no means the only projects.

Library | Transhuman House | | The Technocracy 

The Library

The Library Project is about building a library of knowledge that is resilient enough to last for centuries. The purpose of such an archive is to help ensure a post-human or trans-human civilization based on ours, for us or our children or even our machines. With the Archive, we work towards the long-term success of intelligence in the universe. It is the single most important thing we can do to improve the likely hood of achieving this post-human intelligence, if not from this civilization then maybe for the next. This is the key to why the Foundation is so committed to the creation of the archive.

In order to measure our progress we have divided our goal into discrete tasks, and further, placed them in order of priority and dependence. Then used that as a lite classification system around being able to measure our success as well as denote project phase status, and further give us the basis for detailed project management. Those Archive classifications are as follows.

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The Foundation Library

The Foundation Institute & Retreat Project

The Foundation has been focused for some time on building a research facility that would focus on long-term thinking, preservation of knowledge, the moral and ethical use of technology to improve the human condition. This included a center for research, some small attached bedrooms and living areas and the Foundation Library including Archives. The location was open to all that share this goal in some way; whether living on site, contributing to the goal or visiting the Archive. We hope to help accomplish the aforementioned vision by helping others.

This initial retreat facility consisted of about 3500 sq. ft. living space and workspace as well as about 10000 square feet of additional property. Internet and other resources are provided. The location is in the suburbs and close to public transport and other resources.

Initially, this later evolved into the Transhuman House now and we are looking at building a larger facility that would include a small community and retail space.

What is the Transhuman House Currently?

The Transhuman House is a place where transhumanists can run projects and find supporting resources. It is a transhumanist cultural area, a research facility, an overnight place of rest, a museum, an office for transhumanist organizations, a case study in advanced technology and an experience in post-human technology. The Transhuman House exists to move the needle forward, advancing civilization from a technological and philosophical standpoint.

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Foundation Retreat VC Pitch Deck and Business Plan 

A media outlet for content related to humanities future, futurism, transhumanism and other forward focused content, articles news and information.  This includes the daily AI driven podcast and supporting other content creators like Nikola and his podcast

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