The Foundation’s Vision

Are you a Foundationer? 

The Foundation is an organization and a philosophy.  Coalesced out of a vision for moving beyond traditional human philosophies or religions but giving us a ruler to measure all things against.  Something that helps us focus on moving past our cognitive bias and justifies our moral or ethical actions without relying on ‘faith’ but to rely on knowledge and logic.

The second foundation retreat articulated the current vision as follows:

Our vision is to preserve the collective knowledge of civilization and to facilitate the self-development of all sentient and sapient entities throughout the universe.

Essentially the protection of all sapient and sentient intelligence is above all.  No race or creed, species or philosophy negates the value of that entity.  They are all persons alike and it is our path to protect them and their seed as they spread through the universe.  There is no value greater than that of the person no matter their state.

Given all of the cognitive biases in humans at least, narrow is the way and path to post-humanity but in its current state, the Foundation works to move any project, person or philosophy that moves that goal forward.

In this ‘love’ of your fellow neighbor, there is no higher calling than to do just that to help those around you be successful.

So are you a Foundationer?  Do you know this to be accurate due to it being logically sound?  If so, join us as a Foundationer build the Foundation of a new Foundation as we move into the stars as a new or reborn civilization.

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