Arch Mission – Humanity’s Backup Plan


The Arch Mission Foundation is a non-profit organization that maintains a backup of planet Earth, designed to continuously preserve and disseminate humanity’s most important knowledge across time and space.

The Arch Mission Foundation is preserving the knowledge and biology of our planet in a solar system wide project called The Billion Year Archive.™

“Wherever humanity goes, so shall go the Archive; wherever goes the Archive, so shall go humanity.” – Nova Spivack


The Billion Year Archive is the largest footprint and longest duration engineering project in human history. It is also the first practical initiative with potential to guarantee that our species and civilization will never be lost.

The more locations that Arch Libraries that are sent to, the greater the probability that at least some of them will survive to be discovered in the distant future.

Long after the Pyramids have turned to dust, and no matter what transpires on Earth, The Billion Year Archive will remain.


The Billion Year Archive is comprised of ultra long-term storage devices called Arch™ Libraries (pronounced ”Arks”).

Arch Libraries are the most durable records of human civilization ever built. Using new technologies, they preserve more knowledge for more time, than anything ever created.


Arch Libraries are being designed in a variety of form factors to persist on Earth, as well as in other locations across our solar system and beyond.

Today the Arch Libraries are incredibly durable, yet read-only, storage devices. New Arch Library instances must be sent out to add to the corpus.

One of the Arch Mission Foundation’s goals is to catalyze and integrate new technologies that can help make the Arch Libraries better.

We are working towards a future Arch Library platform that can be remotely updated, accessed and connected.


The Arch Mission Foundation started with an early childhood dream of co-founder, Nova Spivack, many decades ago. It was subsequently inspired by the Isaac Asimov Foundation Series, and was first written about publicly in a blog post in 2015.

Nick Slavin joined Nova Spivack to co-found the organization, and by 2016 the Arch Mission Foundation was incorporated. Soon after, the team was joined by Michael Paul, Matthew Hoerl, Josh Jones-Dilworth, and Robert Jacobson.

In 2018, the first Arch Library was installed in the glove compartment of Elon Musk’s cherry red Tesla (now orbiting the Sun for approximately 30 million years).

Subsequently, Bruce Ha, Peter Kazansky, Stephen Wolfram, Martin Kunze, Brewster Kahle, Laura Welcher, Armin Ellis, and dozens of other partners and advisors, joined the mission.

Today the Arch Mission Foundation has a growing pipeline of missions and initiatives, supported by a vibrant community of leading minds, organizations and contributors.


Human civilization needs a grand unifying purpose that everyone can benefit from and help to achieve.

The Arch Mission Foundation has the potential to benefit countless beings in the future, as well today, by uniting humanity around a shared goal of becoming a knowledge civilization.

As humanity shifts its focus from basic survival to  the advancement of knowledge, we will become more collectively intelligent and increase our chances for long-term sustainability, development and evolution.


The Billion Year Archive is humanity’s gift to the future, and like the Encyclopedia Galactica, it will never be completed.

There will always be more to learn, chronicle and share as our civilization extends its footprints and handprints to the stars.

We invite and need your support and contributions. Join us to preserve, connect and share the memories and heritage of our species.

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